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Beast-skewer Killbow

Age Of SigmarGames Workshop

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Key Features

  • Terrifying ranged support for the Kruelboyz
  • Able to take down the toughest of Monsters with vicious bolts
  • A great next step for any Orruk Warclans army

240 kr

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    The Beast-skewer Killbow is a cruel ballista with one purpose – slaying the largest of beasts with brutal efficiency. Manned by Kruleboyz hand-picked for their proficiency with ranged weapons, the killbow can topple even the sturdiest of Monsters.

    On the battlefield, a Beast-skewer Killbow crew will pick out the biggest target they can find and bring it down with a barrage of savage, ramshackle bolts. The orruk marksman wears a gutplate depicting Kragnos with one eye closed, as if aiming himself, whilst harried grots bully each other in between reloading. This misshapen siege weapon is the perfect ranged addition to any Orruk Warclans army.

    This 28-piece push-fit kit builds a single Beast-skewer Killbow, complete with crew, it comes with one 90mm Oval Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

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    Age Of Sigmar, Games Workshop