Frazetta Card & Dice Battle Game

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Mighty warriors and mysterious sorcerers clash in lightning-fast battles. Each will use their cunning, infamy, strength, and defence to overcome their enemies. Will, you rise to the top or be burned away in the flames of battle?

Frazetta: Card & Dice Battle Game is a quick and easy to learn game, which features fast-paced competitive gameplay using a set of polyhedral dice, as well as a set of 36 high-quality oversize cards, each featuring a unique and iconic artwork by the legendary Frank Frazetta.

The game is a very simple, quick game which involves picking the right trait and using special abilities related to those traits. Players play cards to face off against each other using one of the traits, then roll the relevant polyhedral dice to determine the victor. The winning player keeps their card, the losers discard theirs. The last person with a card remaining is the overall winner.

All the game rules fit on a single (double-sided) card, so it is very quick to learn and teach.

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