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Welcome to a land of mystery and adventure! After being rescued from a shipwreck by the Nukha, a mythical sea creature, you and the rest of your crew find yourselves in its treasure-filled den. Now, you and your crewmates are set out to scramble through the dark cave, looking for valuable treasures hidden there to bring back to your Captain.

You see, these items that litter the cave are valuable resources to the Nomads wandering the island, and everyone knows it. In fact, they’re so valuable, that you’re positive your fellow adventurers have been lying about what they’ve found, and that it’s only a matter of time before everyone begins turning on each other. How long will it be before a mutinous crew overthrows their Captain? Who can you trust?

Oh Captain! is a game from Ludonaute that sees 3 to 6 players embark on an adventure of deception and treachery. You and your friends take on the role of shipwreck survivors who have been transported to a foreign land by the mythical Nukha. Led by a mysterious message in a bottle, Red, Lys, Moon, Ulrich, Nostromo, and Siana sailed bravely into the heart of a storm that nearly claimed their lives. Now the race is on, as everyone rushes to collect the most valuable treasure while keeping their overbearing Captain in the dark.

The goal of Oh Captain! is to gather as much treasure as you can to sell to a group of Nomads who currently inhabit the island you’re stranded on. The start of the game sees one player in the role of the Captain, and the others becoming explorers.

Players each choose the role of an individual adventurer, as featured in the Lumos universe games, with its own unique ability. Red can steal another players coin when he’s the poorest, ensuring he’s never completely out of luck. Moon can conceal the treasures she’s found, keeping her net worth shrouded in mystery.

Treasure Awaits

A turn begins with an explorer drawing a card from the cave deck. Adventurers will find valuable items like a secret pistol, an ancient grappling hook, or an illuminating lamp; treasure sure to impress the Nomads. The Captain gets first claim on these valuables, able to take any of them for the cost of a single gold coin given to the explorer.

Explorers don’t reveal the card they drew, instead they simply tell the Captain what they discovered, whether it’s true or not. The Captain may desperately want the sneaky lizard you came across, but will scoff if they think it’s a lantern. The explorer isn’t the only one with tricks up their sleeves either, cards can get discarded through effects and only the Captain can access the discard pile at any time to deduce how many of a certain item have been found. If you try and bluff the captain by saying you have a lantern, you better hope there aren’t a mountain of them in the discard pile!

Should the Captain choose to buy the treasure, they reveal the card to find out if the explorer was telling the truth. If they were, the Captain gets to use the special ability of the item; like a lantern that reveals another player’s loot, or a rare grappling hook that steals an item from another explorer.

If the captain declines to buy the item, the explorer gets to use the ability of the item they claimed (even if they’re lying). These powers always target another player in a negative way.

The targeted player then has the option of letting the attack happen or challenging the claim. If the victim calls the bluff, the attacker reveals their card; if they lied, the effect is negated and the attacker must give the target a coin. If the attacker’s claim and card match up, the special attack happens and the target loses a coin to the attacker, in addition to the treasure’s effects.

After the attack is resolved, play moves on to the next explorer. At the start of a turn, if a player has more gold than the Captain, they must either pay a coin to the Captain to show their loyalty, or claim mutiny and steal the title of Captain.

The Adventure Continues

Eventually, a player will draw the Nomad’s Arrival card, which immediately ends the game. When the card is drawn, players tally up their gold and loot, with special bonuses granted to the player who has the most lizards, pistols, or grappling hooks. The player with the highest total earns the respect of the Nomads, heaps of gold, and is crowned the winner.

But this is just the beginning for the intrepid explorers of the Nukha’s Den. What else awaits them in this new mysterious land? What adventures lurk behind every corner? Find out more by visiting www.legendsofluma.com.

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