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Orks: Big Mek with Kustom Force Field

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Games WorkshopWarhammer 40.000

Key Features

  • A hardy support HQ choice for Ork armies
  • Extends a protective force field over nearby units
  • Can use their Mek talents to restore damaged vehicles

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Big Meks are chief engineers and inventors, taking to the battlefield with frighteningly powerful contraptions to protect allies and destroy enemies. Their innate genetic knowledge is crucial to the Orks’ ways of war – while none fully understand how their technology works, their propensity for wild-eyed experimentation invariably produces devastating results.

Carrying a ramshackle kustom force field generator of their own design into battle, these Big Meks form a locus of protective energy around which other Ork units can group. The powerful field can repel even the most devastating enemy attacks (when it works), allowing the Boyz to charge across fire-swept battlefields in relative safety. When not protecting hordes of fellow greenskins, Big Meks attend to damaged vehicles and send them back into battle patched with all manner of nearby scrap.

This kit comprises 4 resin components with which you can assemble one Big Mek With Kustom Force Field and is supplied with 1x 40mm round slotta base.

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel paints.

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Games Workshop, Warhammer 40.000