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Slut i lager

    The Upper Midwest, early 19th Century: It is a hard life farming along the Upper Mississippi, but it is an era of innovation and expansion, and the technological advances in riverboat technology are expanding the opportunities that you have! Not only are you able to increase the size and variety of your crops, but also able to claim contracts farther and farther down the Mississippi River. You can even hire agents who will work in New Orleans to sell your goods and advise you on business opportunities. Careful use of your workers, gaining the favor of the harbor master, claiming opportunities when they arise, and keeping a close eye on your competitors will help you build an empire along the mighty Mississippi!


    2 Game boards

    4 Player mats

    110 Crop tiles (turnip, wheat, corn, potato, pumpkin)

    45 Riverboats

    5 Phase tiles

    8 Score markers

    8 Barns

    8 Wells

    24 Coins

    1 Start Player marker

    1 Rulebook

    Cards: 40 Cultivation cards 17 Opportunity cards 3 Crop distribution cards

    Wooden Components: 56 Workers 28 Surveyors 4 Harbor Masters

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