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The Club is a slightly satirical game about life in the fast lane – a board game about love and about people’s need to meet one another.

The whole game takes place in a nightclub and the game board is the dance floor. On their turn players push three new dancers to the dance floor from their own bar counter (edge of the game board) and as they come into play they push others towards the center of the dance floor. Once two dancers meet in the heat of the night they can be made into couples and the better the match the more players score. If only two of the four visible qualities match then the dancers have a one-night-stand which is not a very long term fun and is thus worth only one point. With three matching qualities the dancers actually like one another, start dating and that is worth four points. If all the four visible qualities match then the dancers get the ”happily ever after” the one true love we all search for and thus it is worth full 5 points.

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Man lämnar inte sin varukorg bara sådär, eller hur 😜

Ange dina uppgifter nedan för att spara din varukorg till senare. Och vem vet, kanske skickar vi till och med en rabattkod till dig. 😀