Trey Chamber´s Harvest

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Just outside the bustling port of Gullsbottom lies the quaint rural community of Fallowsend. Fallowsend is known for its annual harvest festival, where farmers of all shapes and sizes show off fantastical crops – snap peas, scarrots, plumpkins, phantom peppers, and rockali.

What will you bring to the festival? Plant your seeds, tend your crops, and use your buildings well. You just might win the prize for the best harvest of the season.


• 8 Farmer Tokens

• 1 Town Board

• 4 Farm Boards

• 9 Character Boards

• 12 Expansion Boards

• 30 Action Cards

• 15 Initiative Cards

• 20 Building/Field Tiles

• 90 Resource Tokens

• 152 Seeds/Crops Chits

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