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Tyranids Dice Set

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Games WorkshopWarhammer 40.000

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Key Features

  • A set of six-sided dice for Warhammer 40,000
  • Themed for the ravenous Tyranids, with a bioform icon on the 6 face
  • 20 purple-and-white swirl dice with white pips and details

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Demonstrate your dedication to the Tyranid swarm with these insidious dice, themed to match the tendrils of the Hive Mind. Marked with the colours of Hive Fleet Leviathan, these dice are perfectly evolved for rolling, helping you to prey upon and destroy your enemies.

Each six-sided, round-cornered dice is dark purple with a pale white swirl. The 20 dice in this set each measure 16mm x 16mm and feature the Tyranid icon on the 6 face and traditional pips on the other faces, all in a white colour. The dice are supplied in a blister pack with a backing card featuring Tyranid artwork.

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Games Workshop, Warhammer 40.000