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Games WorkshopWarhammer 40.000

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Key Features

  • A set of six-sided dice for Warhammer 40,000
  • Contains 20 Grey Knights-themed dice
  • Gleaming silver dice marked out with pure white pips and the Grey Knights symbol on the 6 face

240 kr

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This stunning set of pearlescent, metallic dice perfectly represent the incorruptible nature of the Grey Knights. Make a show of your faith by tossing these dice for crucial rolls. While they’re no match for the prognostications of the Chapter Librarius, they’ll certainly look cool rolling next to the burnished silver armour of your psychic warriors.

This set contains 20 dice in a metallic silver finish. The 1-5 faces have traditional pips picked out in bright white ink, while the 6 face features the book-and-sword Grey Knights Chapter symbol. Each dice measures 16mm, with rounded corners.

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