God of War


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Ragnarök is coming. The end of the world is nigh.
But there are those that seek to alter the path of
history and avoid this terrible cataclysm. They are
the Norns, and they have searched out the Well of
Fate, Urðr, in order to find out how. Trying out
different combinations of heroes and Quests, will
find the one that will avoid Ragnarök, or die trying.
In God of War: The Card Game, players take on the
role of the Norns, powerful individuals from
mythology, as they try different combinations of
heroes and Quests in order to stop Ragnarök. Each
Quest is made up of a mosaic of cards, representing
the foe that the Norns must fight against. By
building up their own special combat deck of cards,
the Norns will gain power as they battle along. If
they can defeat all three Quests set before them,
then Ragnarök can be stopped.

70 Starting Action Cards 88 Upgrade Cards
4 Final Boss Cards 6 Quest Cards 20 Status
Cards 10 Shatter Crystal Cards 10 Scenes
6 Stun Tokens 1 First Player Token
20 Common Tokens 44 Damage Tokens
10 Death Tokens 12 Hand Limit Tokens
5 Rage Tokens 2 Freya Tokens
5 Character Dashboards 6 Character Standees
6 Plastic Stands 1 Enemy Die 1 Rulebook

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