DubbelYatzy – Dice in Dice Yatzy (SV/EN/DE)

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Antal spelare: 1 – 6
Speltid: 15 minuter
Rekomenderad ålder: från 8 år

99 kr 115 kr

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DubbelYatzy is based on the Swedish version of the classic dice game Yahtzee (Yatzy in Swedish) or Kniffel, but whereas Yatzy uses normal six-sided dice – with players rolling to achieve combinations like a full house, a straight and “lots of 6s” – DubbelYatzy includes special double dice, with a smaller die inside each larger transparent die. You still want to achieve combinations with your die rolls, but now you score a combination each with the inner dice and the outer ones. Thankfully, you have some wiggle room when shooting for combination targets as you roll six double dice, but use only five outer and five inner dice when scoring combinations, with you choosing each five as you wish.

DubbelYatzy uses standard Swedish Yatzy scoring rules, which are somewhat different from Yahtzee rules, but can also be played with international Yahtzee or German Kniffel scoring.

The playing time is 15 minutes per player.

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