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Seraphon: Saurus Scar Veteran On Cold One

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Age Of SigmarGames Workshop

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Seraphon: Saurus Scar Veteran On Cold One

  • This kit contains one finecast Scar-Veteran on Cold One
  • and includes a Citadel 60x35mm Oval base.

180 kr 195 kr

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Disciplined beyond fault, trained to make exactly correct decisions in the heat of battle, Saurus Scar-Veterans are great champions of the seraphon. Always found where the fighting is at its most intense, their ferocity and tenacity are an inspiration to to massed ranks of seraphon that follow them. Far from mere berserkers, Scar-Veterans demonstrate an impressively cool temperament, choosing their battles relatively carefully. Riding on the backs of cold ones, they are notably swift, sure-footed and absolutely deadly.


Vikt 200 g

Age Of Sigmar, Games Workshop

Man lämnar inte sin varukorg bara sådär, eller hur 😜

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